TOMOO NAGAI – Percussionist, Drummer, Composer


Born Shizuoka, Japan, 1975. Undergraduate, BA and Graduate,MFA Degrees from Tokyo University of the Arts. As a student Nagai was exposed to Jazz. He explores improvisation in Live House performances and in concerts experimenting in different styles of music genre and recording. He creates his own original instruments and gives solo concerts performing with them.

He performed with the group, LULI, with French musicians, Fabrice Bony, Samantha Zaccarie and Japanese musician Yasuyo Iso.  Nagai has also performed with the Trio, EPOCUS created with Koichi Yamaguchi (pianist) and Yutaka Kaido (bassist). He has performed with Sto-Mocs with Sachiko Nagata  « Il conformista » with Morley Robertson. He created a collaborative work with  musicians Akira Sakata, Yuki Saga, concerning the poetry of Kazuko Shiraishi,

Nagai created  a soundtrack for the movie”TAMAGO”, “FLOAT”, titled “Song of Windswept Traces” and was the director for an original work he created and performed for the exhibition of Kiyoshi Hibi, titled”The Night the Moon Came Closest to the Earth”.” He created and perfomed a percussion work, titled “metallications” and “saboten”, for the San Paulo Teatro Yuba Ballet Company established in 2011.

Music composed for the public was realized by Nagai in his project « Sound for 31 Stations » a tonal work which resounds throughout 31 stations on the Kinokuni line of the Japan Railway in Wakayama Prefecture. Nagai also worked on the project « Sounds for Tennoz Central Tower » creating musical pieces for the building’s public spaces.

Touring  internationally Nagai has  performed in Indonesia, Brazil, France, Morocco and Iceland  from2005-2014. Recent Solo Concert performances  include Opera City and  Omigakudo in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2013, The French Japanese Cultural Center in Toulouse (CCFJT) France, released his solo album « 514 Pictures ».



Musical Activities



HUES 1st album [in hue notes] Publication, Vo:Manami ISHIKAWA  G:Hideki TSUCHIYA

Torainart 2015 (Music director)

Shimane tour with pianist Noriko KOSE, Shimane Pref. Japan

Music for Theater Shizuoka SPAC, “Flying kingdom Aristophanes-The Birds-”

Solo concert , OVE Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

Eri Matuzaki “Parnassus” , Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre , Tokyo, Japan

Iceland tour “Reflctions”2015 , (Akureiry Art Museum) ,Arkureiry, Iceland

Solo concert, OVE Nakanoshima ,Osaka , Japan

Sound Track for Film [TAMAGO], (Mac Film Festival BRASIL Award of best cinematography, Accolade Global Film Competition America Award of recognition, Luisville’s International festival of film America Award of “On the Edge”, 2015 Oregon Film Awards America Gold Award of “First time director”, Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival 2015 Indonesia Gold Award.)

LULI Japan tour, Japan G:Fabrice BONY, Vo,Video:Samantha ZACCARIE,Vo:Yasuyo ISO

France Tour 2015, France

Composition for TENNOZ CENTRAL TOWER Building,「Sound for TENNOZ CENTRAL TOWER 」Tokyo, Japan



Composition for 31 Stations of JR line 「Sounds for 31 Stations 」Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

Solo concert ,Tokyo Opera city,Tokyo, Japan

Solo concert , Machiyama temple, Tokyo, Japan

France Tour 2014 , France

Fresh Winds Art Symposium 2014 , Iceland



Solo concert , OVE Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

Art Tanabe 2013 Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

France Tour 2013

Album [the colors of water] Publication with Piano Noriko KOSE

Solo Album [514 Pictures] Publication from C.C.F.J.T France

“Full bloom” Art Symposium, France



Concert at Morocco [The Traveling ORIN Project]

[The Traveling ORIN ] Publication

Art Tanabe 2012

France Tour 201



Music for Teatro YUBA , Brazil

Brasil Tour 2011

Haruo HIGUMA Paradigm Shift ,Tokyo, Japan

sto-mocs Album [THAUMTROPE] Publication

ESPIRA Japan Tour 2011

Music for Theater [Tukiga Itibann Chikaduita Yoru] , Tokyo, Japan



sto-mocs Japan Tour 2010

ESPIRA Japan Tour 2010

Art works for Deco Galeria ,Sao-Paulo Brazil

Concert EchigoTsumari Triennial , Nigata, Japan

Music for Exhibition [SABOTEN] , Tokyo, Japan

Produce music instruments for Baptist church , Okinawa, Japan

Music and musical instruments for exhibition [ISU ISU ISU] , Tokyo



Performance [Akikann] ,Tokyo, Japan

Music for Kiyosi HIBI’s exhibition , Tokyo, Japan

ESPIRA Japan Tour 2009



Takao Studio Inauguration , Tokyo, Japan

Music for Film [Fuumonnno utagoe]

Album [EPOCUS], Publication with Piano Trio EPOCUS



EPOCUS, Indonesia Tour 2005 , Indonesia

Album [TALK HARD] Publication with Band “Flight Of Idea”

Music Production for Film [Float]